“Chervona Kalyna” Health Resort

“Chervona Kalyna”: Healing Body And Soul For more than a quarter century the health resort has been hosting guests from all over the world.

Nature Heals

Our health resort is located in a pine forest, on the shores of a large lake, on the territory of 26 hectares with an arboretum where rare and endemic plants grow. This is an ecologically clean area with very clean fresh air, where peace and quiet reign.

“Chervona Kalyna” has its own springs of mineral water.

One water spring serves iodine-bromine water, which is used for baths in the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular and peripheral nervous system, musculoskeletal system, gynaecological, urological pathologies, and skin diseases. Second spring provides with sodium chloride-magnesium water. It is useful for those who suffer from chronic gastritis, colitis, pancreatitis, and other diseases of the digestive system. For this, a modern pump room has been developed in the health resort.

All Services Under One Roof In our health resort all services are provided under one roof that is very convenient in the cold season.

Health resort “Chervona Kalyna” offers more than 190 medical treatments (classical and traditional medicine) for diseases of:

– cardiovascular system;

– digestive system;

– nervous system;

– musculoskeletal system; and

– respiratory system.

Hydrokinesitherapy   Achatina snail massage (snail therapy)

Phyto-barrel (sauna imbued with herbal and essential oils vapours)

Stone therapy (massage with heated stones and reflexology)

Health Resort Rooms

(250 beds):

–    Cottages

–    De Luxe Suite

 Semi-Luxe Suite

Standard Suite (Single, Double, Triple)



35318, Ukraine, Lisova Street, 1, Zhobryn Village,

Rivne District, Rivne Region.

Contact Phones:

Tel. / Fax +38 (0362) 61-84-80, 61-84-85, 67-00-61

+38 (097) 73-60-098

E-mail: kalina.chervona@gmail.com