“Chervona Kalyna” Health Resort

Nature is an everlasting piece of art, and the most outstanding and honorable subject in nature is human. Vissarion Bielinsky

Park territory near the lake

The health resort is situated in a pine forest reigned by quietness and tranquility. 

The 26 ha territory nurtures 500 species of plant life. Apart from the forest, there are five different groves – guelder rose, cherry tree, rowan tree, lilac, and oak, as well as a vine lane, ginkgo tree lane, and a sakura lane.

The clearest air, the pine forest, delight and quietness, all combined with active recreation will bring you an abundance of joyful experiences and wonderful mood.

The treatment practice includes both conventional and alternative types of treatments.

The health resort is enriched with two curative mineral water springs.

Iodine-bromine mineral water (37 grams of salts per 1 litre of water)

Sodium-chloride-magnesium mineral water (10 grams of salts per 1 litre of water)

We offer treatment services in the following areas:

– cardiovascular diseases

– digestive system diseases

– nervous system diseases

– musculoskeletal diseases

– respiratory diseases

Hydrokinesitherapy   Achatina snail massage (snail therapy)

Phyto-barrel (sauna imbued with herbal and essential oils vapours)

Stone therapy (massage with heated stones and reflexology)



Single rooms

Twin/Double rooms

Triple rooms



Senior suits

House on water

“Blue Lagoon” cottage

“Shevchenko’s Hut” cottage

“Honey hut” cottage


Chervona Kalyna Health Resort: 1 Lisova, Zhobryn, Rivne reg., Rivne obl. 35318, Ukraine

Phone/Fax: +38 0362 61 84 80, +38 0362 61 84 85

+38 (097) 73-60-098


“Chervona Kalyna” Health Resort